• Development History

    In 2017, Tus-Financial Group set up the Innovative Center, taking advantages of Tus-Financial Group in multi financing channels in capital markets, making good use of Tus-Holdings’ Cluster-innovative Stereo Multiple Triple Spiral Mode, and strived for building an ecosystem in artificial intelligence field, including industrial research, platform building, incubation investment, industry integration, etc.


    In 2016, based on the positioning of S&T finance, Tus-Financial Group improved the corporate governance structure, introduced talented team members, strengthened strategic planning, and further expanded the business of equity investment, investment banking, asset management and S&T finance, etc.


    In 2015, Tus-Financial Group initiated equity investment funds and financial information services, completed the mixed ownership reform by the end of the year, introduced two new shareholders: the Sincere Group and the Zovie Real Estate Group, and increased its capital to 450 million yuan.


    In 2014, Tus-Financial Group was involved in environmental fund.


    In 2013, Tus-Financial Group introduced new businesses, i.e. real estate fund, culture fund, creditor fund, financial leasing and microcredit.


    In 2012, Tus-Holdings and China Private Ventures Ltd. incorporated venture capital business, micro credit and other financial businesses of its own into a new entity, which is Tus-Financial Group.


    In 2001, the origination of Tus S&T finance business-Tus Venture Capital was established, which began to invest and incubate the start-up business. As an important part of the incubating investment business of Tus-Holdings, thousands of enterprises have been incubated, 30 of which have been listed on the market.