• Introduction to Shareholders

    Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tus-Holdings), set up on July 24,2000, is the former Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark) Development Center founded in August 1994. Tus-Holdings is a large integrated enterprise established relying on Tsinghua University. It takes full responsibility for developing, constructing, operating and managing TusPark, and it’s one of the first National Demonstration Enterprises in modern service industry. It is the controlling shareholder or shareholder of over 800 listed & non-listed enterprises, including Tus-Guhan Group Co., Ltd. (stock code number: 000590) , Tus-Sound Environmental Resources Co., Ltd. (stock code number: 000826), 21Vianet Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: VNET), Tus International Limited (Hong Kong Mainboard: 00872.HK), Tus-Design Group (stock code number:300500), ChineseAll (stock code number: 300364) , Beijing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Ltd. (Hong Kong Mainboard: 01250.HK), SZ Hanbang Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code number: 300449), Gigadevice (stock code number: 603986), CICTE (stock code number: 430109), Guangzhou TuWei Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code number: 833320), BIOREM(TSXV:BRM). And the total assets under its management have exceeded RMB 200 billion.


    As the flagship product of Tus-Holdings, TusPark is currently the largest single university science park in the world, with building area of 770,000 square meters, and more than 1,500 enterprises having been settled in the park. TusPark has become a gathering place for multinational corporation R&D headquarters, China technology enterprise headquarters as well as innovation enterprises. It has become an important platform of Tsinghua University to serve society and promote regional innovation, as well as a famous brand in China and even in the global science park industry.


    After more than two decades of development, Tus-Holdings has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development and operation of university science parks and established a high-caliber management team, actively promoting the organic interaction between innovative resources and the regional economy and successfully building up a nationwide innovation system with more than 300 incubators, science parks and science cities as the carrier. The radial network of Tus-Holdings covers more than 50 cities and regions including Hong Kong, Macau, the USA, the UK, Italy, Russia, Australia, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, South Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, etc., being a new force of China's innovation system.


    Tus-Holdings actively responds to the national strategy of innovation-driven development in implementation of Tsinghua University’s role of serving the society. Under the overall objective of “striving to become a Chinese leader and a global model of S&T service industry”, with science park as the carrier, with S&T industry as the support, with S&T finance as a link, with Internet, big data and other new generation information technology as the basis, Tus-Holdings forms an innovation network with shared knowledge, information, talent, capital and other resources, makes clustering service innovation and promotes innovation, forming a business structure featuring synergetic trinity of “Science Park, S&T industry, and S&T finance”. So far, it has become China's new force in the process of building scientific and technological power, also a technology service provider with rich experience and wisdom, as well as comprehensive business capabilities.

    China Private Ventures Ltd.

    China Private Ventures Ltd., established in 2003, is an investment holding company focusing on long-term strategy, risk management and corporate culture development. It has over 20 directly invested and holding companies. With a total asset of more than 10 billion Yuan, its investment covers cutting-edge technology, science park development, sharing economy and other fields, producing outstanding performance in all industries.


    As the second largest shareholder and key investment partner of Tus-Holdings, China Private Ventures Ltd. provides a good development space and comprehensive services for the incubation of start-up companies, high-tech R&D, innovative talent cultivation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The subsidiary Yadu Tech, the company's holding company, is a top company in the field of air environmental protection. China Private Ventures Ltd. also has significant investments in IT industry, cultural media, and children's education.


    China Private Ventures Ltd. is engaged in the development of science parks using modern financial concepts. Its main investment operations are in economically developed areas such as Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. Its operational projects include high-tech industrial parks located in favorable conditions and large-scale landmark commercial complexes located in the core areas of first-tier cities as well as tourism, leisure and cultural and creative real estate with both high growth and profit potential.

    Sincere Group

    Founded in June 1994, with a total asset of approximately 45.2 billion Yuan, Sincere Group has now become a national large-scale modern enterprise group engaged in the development of boutique residential properties, urban commercial complex operations, industrial real estate development and property management. The Group has under its control real estate development and urban complex operations in Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang, Chengdu, Kunming, Changsha, Qingdao, and Sanya. Since its inception, the Group has been relying on professional, transparent and standardized enterprise mechanisms for efficient operation and pioneering innovation. Up to now, the cumulative development volume has exceeded 12 million square meters. With more than 50 residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects developed, it has a strategic land reserve of more than 10 million square meters.


    The Group has been awarded as one of China's top 50 real estate companies for many times and has been assessed as one of "China’s Top 100 Real Estate", "China’s Famous Real Estate Brand", "China’s Integrity Real Estate", "Chongqing’s Top 100 Private Key Enterprises", and "AAA Grade Credit Companies", and etc. In January 2014, SINCERE won the title of "China Famous Brand".

    Zovie Real Estate Group

    Zovie Real Estate Group was established in 1994. In 1999, it established its main business operations based on real estate development. Since 2007, it has successively blossomed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Dongguan, Yangjiang, Huzhou, Hainan and etc., completing the overall upgrade from regional real estate to national enterprise.


    At the same time, ZOVIE has been involved in the business segment of finance and securities since 2005. It has strategically acquired shares in Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank, Dongguan Bank, Tus-Financial Group, and initiated the establishment of Guangzhou Jinan Investment Co., Ltd. In recent years, IPOs that were coached and completed by ZOVIE include Nanxing Equipment (002757) and Failong Crystal (300460). Recently, it also led the establishment of the Heqian Fund, focusing on investing in the “ Belt-and- Road” industry fund. Besides, it jointly invests with Nanfeng Corportion to develop Xinjiang New Energy Business. Currently, it has extensive strategic cooperation in the real estate sector with financial institutions like Dongguan Securities, Hangzhou Industrial & Commercial Trust Co., Ltd., Lujiazui Trust, and JIC Trust.


    With the corporate mission of “building a harmonious space”, continuing to meet the needs of its customers, ZOVIE cooperates with Jinan University Lifestyle Academy this year in joint research to develop a quality standard system for urban white-collar workers. The institute is the first lifestyle science research institution in China that provides a master's degree, a doctoral degree, and a cultural industry project. The cooperation between the two parties not only declares ZOVIE’s inclusion of “culture and industry research” into its business development strategic system, but also shows that in the future, ZOVIE will pay more attention to value shaping in the humanities and spiritual fields.


    From ZOVIE·Kalilan and ZOVIE• Tuanbowan high-end residential product series to North ZOVIE International Center and ZOVIE International Financial Center and other high-end office product series, 42 projects in 23 years witnessed the development and glory of ZOVIE. ZOVIE won the title of ”Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises in China” for 3 consecutive years and won the title of “Top 10 Guangdong Real Estate” for 10 consecutive years. On October 28, 2014, in “2014 Hurun Charity List” released by Hurun Research Institute, Mr. Ye Huiquan, Chairman of ZOVIE, ranked 28th in the charity list. Bringing together 22 years of brand strength and outstanding performance, in the continuous breakthrough, ZOVIE will set off an unprecedented whirlwind in Southern Guangdong.